Sunday, July 25, 2010

Two Great Ideas!

Hello Ladies! One of the best parts about networking with you pretty gals is all the ideas I get from you! Seriously, you are all an intelligent bunch :). Here are two simple ideas I've received from Team MINDY gals:

1) Do You Yahoo?
For those of you who may not know, there is a Thirty-One Yahoo Group you can join which provides all kinds of ideas, networking, and even a "for-sale" section to pick up discontinued products, etc., that fellow consultants are selling. I heard about the Group awhile ago and hadn't taken the time to join, but so many of you have told me amazing ideas that you've heard on the page that I finally broke down and joined today :). I've heard it can fill your inbox, so I chose the option of receiving the "Daily Digest" as opposed to receiving an individual e-mail for each post. I'm excited to reap the information shared in this valuable resource!

2) Catalog Saver
Kelly Goossen (IN) came up with this GREAT idea: she buys a binder with clear, page-protector pages, takes one of her catalogs apart and slides each catalog page in a protector. She told me she then uses this exclusively as "her" catalog as she is taking orders, referencing products, etc. What a GREAT IDEA, Kelly! I can't tell you how many Spring & Summer catalogs I "sacrificed" by looking through them constantly and wearing them out! I found a 24-page binder in the "Report Cover" section at Office Max, and I'm thrilled with the way my fall catalog looks inside.

So, now it's your turn! What's your best idea for your Thirty-One business? Let's share with each other...we'll all benefit in the end!



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