Saturday, July 17, 2010

National Conference Highlights 2010

National Conference was an ABSOLUTE blast! I joined Thirty-One January 30th of 2010, so it was my first year in attendance, and all my expectations were exceeded. The sessions were entertaining and helpful, the facility accommodated us all well, and there were lots of FREEBIES! Every time we walked out of a session, we were handed a free item! There was a bag for us on arrival with a fun t-shirt and all our materials for the event. AND we received product cards, embroidery swatches, and many other useful business tools for FREE!

And, let's face it, Ladies, part of taking care of yourself is GETTING AWAY once in awhile! As much as we love our hubbies/jobs/kids/lives, sometimes getting away for a few nights is the best thing you can do for yourself AND your family. Plan ahead early next year, and make it a priority to take a couple nights away. Coming home refreshed and energized to achieve even more will be a huge blessing to you and those around you.

I want to see you all there next year, and here's the best part: starting in January, you will again have the opportunity to earn "conference bucks". These can then be applied towards the cost of conference, lodging, the conference & home office stores, AND if you have any left over, they can be used towards the next season's add-on kits! I was able to have the conference paid for, but my goal next year is to have the conference, hotel, SHOPPING, and kits paid for all in conference bucks!

Can't wait for National Conference 2011! Let me know in the comments: where do you hope to be with Thirty-One a year from now? Do you hope to have some debt paid off? A car payment taken care of? Do you want to be a Director by then? A SENIOR Director by then? Let me know your goals & we'll work together to achieve them.


  1. I'll start! By Conference next year, I hope to be a Senior Director AND celebrate earning the Leadership Incentive Trip for me AND my hubby! This year's trip was to the Riveria Maya, and my Director, Keri Cunningham, earned it...all expenses paid--airfare included! This will be a tall order with a baby coming in January, but I still have faith :). And my goal is to have at least 80% of our team in attendance :)!

  2. My goal by conference next year is to be a director, pay for my last class to becoming a wellness coach, AND be on my way to saving for a new to us car for my husband!!! Those are tall orders and I keep throwing in there that when all this is done, I am hiring someone to clean my house once a month!!! (: Conference was GREAT!!!

  3. Ooo...someone to clean my house...yep, I'm throwing that in with my goals too, Kerri! :) Great goals and I have every confidence that you'll reach them.